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ACMS(Auto Call & Monitoring System)
Model Name
ACMS(Auto Call & Monitoring System)
Item Name
Remote automatic monitoring system
Ordering Information
- Cat. No.: ACMS (ACMS-DT01)
- Description: Auto Call & Monitoring System
- Price: Please contact us.


Intended Use

Monitors, stores, and manages data in real-time by connecting ACMS to testing equipment such as temperature and humidity related deep freezers, chemical and reagent refrigerators, incubators, and stability chambers.

- Up to 10 phone numbers can be registered to transmit voice alarm messages in case of abnormality.

- Applicable equipment: Testing equipment such as temperature and humidity related deep freezers, chemical and reagent refrigerators, incubators, and stability chambers


Alarm function

- A voice alarm message is automatically transmitted to 10 registered phone numbers when the temperature or humidity value exceeds the threshold.

- Minimizes damage as notifications about abnormalities in the equipment are sent out immediately

Temperature measurement Up to 2 temperature sensors can be connected.

The temperature measurement range is from -200 to 200℃.
Humidity measurement 1 humidity sensor can be connected.

Humidity measurement range is from 0 to 100%RH.

Other sensors than the humidity sensor (for example, CO2 sensor, 4~20 mA, 0~1V, analog input signal)
Real-time monitoring Equipment status can be checked by using the display monitor and various alarms

Equipment status can be checked via mobile devices when connected to a PC
PC application software Able to check the status of all connected equipment at a glance by installing a PC application

The current status, history data, and diagram charts (Recording & Monitoring) are displayed.

When using the PC application software, data storage and the access to the equipment via a mobile app is available.
Data Storage Mobile App
* Note: Only a mobile app for Android is available.

Data can be saved as a file format (substitutable for a thermograph).

The smartphone app provides functions to monitor the temperature, humidity and status of user installed ACMS in real-time for each channel and time period.

The current status, historic data, and diagram charts are provided.

A push alarm is generated in case of abnormality


Model ACMS (ACMS-DT01)
External Dimensions W250 x D200 x H55 (mm)
Exterior Painted Steel
Memory, back-up Nonvolatile static memory
Stnadard Accessories Adapter (100~240V/15VDC), Battery, 1 PT100 Temperature Sensor, etc.
Weight 1.9 kg (including a battery)
Optional Accessories Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Communication Converter, etc.
Temperature Display Range -200 to 200℃
Humidity Display Range 0 to 100%RH
Ambient Temperature / Humidity 5 to 35℃ / 20 to 80%RH
Rated voltage (Adapter Input) 100 ~ 240V (50/60㎐)
Rated voltage (Adapter Output) 15 VDC
Nominal current 1A

*Note: Only lane lines are available for telephone connection.