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Nutator Mixer

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Model Name
Item Name
Nutator Mixer
Ordering Information
- Cat. No. : PM-6249
- Description : Nutator Mixer, 24rpm, 25˚, 230V/60Hz
- Price : Please contact us.


Intended Use and Features

- Nutator mixer is used in laboratories for various fields including the biotechnology, physico-chemistry, pharmaceutical,
  food, and hospital industries

- Rotates 360°, providing perfect solution mixing and maximizing efficiency, making it superior to other kinds of mixers.

- Its rubber plate is made of silicone, featuring small bumps on the surface that prevent small sized tubes from slipping.

- Can be used in a cold room or incubator.


Model PM-6249
Dimensions (W x D x H) 250 x 160 x 160 mm
Angle 25 ℃
Speed 24 rpm
Volt 230V, 60Hz
Direction Free