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AMC(Automatic Medication Cabinet)
Model Name
AMC(Automatic Medication Cabinet)

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Intended Use

AMC which is invented by Daeiltech, is an automatic narcotics and high price medication dispensing and managing system.

Full automatic system of AMC is more efficient, secure, safe, accurate, and economical than the previous systems.

Advantages for Users

- Security: User ID and password are registered by

- administrator

- Easy-to-Use: Graphic user interface and 10.5” TFT colored

- touch screen

- Efficiency: Two dispensing boxes and one returning box

- Fast stocking and dispensing process with bar code scanning

- (Option: RFID Reader)

- Thermal printer: Dispensing information from the prescription

- (Option: Label printer)

- LED lamps: Shows open/close status and dispensing location

- Any size of medication up to W 6” x D 4” x H 4”

- Diverse cell configuration depending on the size of

- medication

- Simple stocking and dispensing

- Auto stock management system of narcotics

Advantages for Administrators

- Two types of AMC: Bench top type (S) and Stand type (L)

- Authorize ID to access restriction policy

- Log function: Tracks all login information

  right Minimizes loss and theft of medication

- Minimizes abuse and damage of medication

- Real-time stock checking

- Interlocking with the previous server

- Cost saving

Advantages for Administrators

- Safety & Accuracy: Minimizing of dispensing mistakes

- Time saving: Fast dispensing


Stand Type Specification

Stand Type Specification
Exterior dimentions (WxDxH) 800 x 870 x 1921 mm
Weight apprix. 300 kg
Voltage 220V
Hz 60Hz
Max. Loading Size 150 x 100 x 100 mm
Control Board CPU 32 Bit RISC ARM CortexM4 168
Commucitaion RS422 (Half duplex)
Power Consumption 24V Max (20W)
XY-axis motor RPM 3,000 rpm
Torque 2.5 Nm
Exterior dimentions (WxDxH)

Bench Top Specification

Bench Top Specification
Exterior dimentions (WxDxH) 630 x 540 x 800 mm